Georgie is a Physiotherapist with over 25 years of experience. Her caring attitude towards her patients and her determination to find the root cause of her patients’ pain was the driving force behind the Pain Relief Centre. She will assess you as an individual, discussing and agreeing treatment options, taking into account your own personal preferences, while aiming to resolve any condition you present with and help you regain full function.

The following approaches to the treatment of pain conditions are those most commonly used at the Pain Relief Centre;

The SIRPA™ Recovery Programme

Georgie is the founder of SIRPA™ in the UK and Europe. This pioneering work offers a unique personalised approach where Georgie helps her patients not just manage, but resolve, often longterm and debilitating conditions which have previously just been managed. This is Georgie’s primary treatment approach now due to the exciting results she has been experiencing with her patients worldwide.

Check out Georgie’s personal website to find out more about SIRPA™, the cutting edge approach to pain Georgie is now developing throughout the UK and further afield.

The following treatments will only be used where Georgie feels it is appropriate.

Adapted Reflextherapy in Spinal Pain

A gentle treatment via the spinal reflexes in the feet. Used primarily for acute pain in the spine, or referred from the nerves in the spine. e.g. sciatica. An excellent treatment choice especially for those who have had an acute injury, who might be unable to move much and/or where treatment directly over the site of the pain may be intolerable.

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST)

A gentle hands on treatment of tissues throughout the whole body, whether the problem is in the spine or a toe. NST produces excellent results for pain and other symptoms, whether from an acute injury or even post surgery. Also very effective as a form of relaxation.

Gentle Touch Reflexology

Used primarily for relaxation and balancing of the body’s systems, great as a de-stressor.

Appointments are available throughout the week, plus Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

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